Is This Thing On?

Fszzzt… bzzzt… Apparently, we’re live.

So welcome to the Pressmonkey blog. Pressmonkey is, as you might already know, a plugin for authoring, scheduling and sending tweets from within WordPress. We’re very proud of it, but there’s more to us than our product.

Since we spend a ridiculous amount of our time thinking about WordPress, Twitter, blogging and writing – that’s pretty much what you can expect from this blog.

A little history and housekeeping. Pressmonkey was born in the context of another site: Inflatable Press – which has been around in one form or another as a writing blog for a few years now. When I left waged (also known as securely employed) life and started thinking about building products, Inflatable Press was a good starting location.

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There followed ClusterCatcher – a nice little editor for catching repetitions in writing (a problem that still plagues the edit stage of my fiction projects). And then, a few months after that, Pressmonkey was born. I’d point you to the landing page, except very soon it will redirect to this site, so that would be a little redundant.

So Inflatable Press will be returning to its roots as a fiction writer’s blog and, in the coming weeks, the Pressmonkey blog will begin to focus on matters relating to blogging, professional writing, and social media.

We hope you can drop by and we’d love to hear from you either in the comments or via the soon-to-be-set-up contact form.

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